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"Degrees & Programs"



Education is an investment in yourself, your dreams and your future. It’s also a promise that we’ll help you keep – and you’ll never have to go it alone.

我们的财务团队可以为您解释 tuition rates 还有你项目的其他费用, 以及指导您通过每一个支付选项,让您可以发现最适合您的-保持您在正确的财务路径上获得学位.



足球外围前十平台,我们知道每个学生都是独一无二的, 每个学生的经济状况都不一样. The first, and most important step for every student is creating a financial plan. 有一个财务计划可以让你估计你的课程的全部学费和杂费. Check out our video on responsible borrowing to learn all about it.


To make your education truly pay off, you need to make the right financial decisions. 如果你用联邦学生贷款支付学费, 你的目标应该是只借你需要的东西. These simple guidelines will help you borrow responsibly and keep your payments low.

  1. 做预算. Review the total cost of your education – including your living expenses.
  2. 探索你不需要回报的资源. 你的雇主提供学费福利吗? 你会寻找并申请助学金和奖学金吗?
  3. 考虑用你自己的钱. 你有储蓄或投资吗? 你能用现在的收入支付吗?


An education takes dedication and time, as well as some form of financial commitment. Check out the sections below for options on paying for your education. Don’t hesitate to contact a Finance Advisor with any questions you might have.

联邦经济援助计划适用于有兴趣申请联邦助学金的学生, federal loans or both to pay for tuition in an eligible degree or certificate program.

A list of federal financial aid programs is available from the U.S. 教育部 学生援助网站,列在 Types of Aid. 开始联邦财政援助程序, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), available at http://www.fafsa.gov. When applying for federal financial aid, you’ll need a school code. 我们的FAFSA学校守则是 014593.

除了FAFSA, 预期使用联邦经济援助的学生可能还需要完成并提交以下文件:


  • 主本票(MPN)
  • 入学咨询


你的雇主提供学费报销计划吗? 利用学费延迟计划来帮助支付你的教育费用——所有雇主提供部分或全部支付其雇员学费的学生都可以使用. The plan is also available to students receiving benefits from the U.S. 退伍军人事务部或美国退伍军人事务部.S. 国防部.

当您选择其中一个方案时, 大学同意将学费和电子教材费用推迟至每门课程开课日起60天支付, 最多两天的处理时间. When the deferral period ends, your card on file will be automatically charged. 无论你是否收到雇主的付款,你都有责任支付你的学费和电子教材费用.

学生如未能完成课程,须于退学时缴付学费及电子教材费用. The amount due is determined by the Institutional Refund Policy. 有关该政策的更多信息,请联系财务顾问.

选择学费延迟计划, 学生可以通过访问他们的学生网站的帐户标签存储信用卡信息到他们的帐户. 欲了解更多信息,请联系大学代表.

GI Bill是美国的注册商标.S. 退伍军人事务部(VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. 政府网站 benefits.va.gov/gibill.

If a qualified third party is paying your tuition and fees, we can send them the bill. 在第三方计费计划下, the University directly bills an approved employer for a student’s tuition.

学生应联系财务顾问,以确定他们的雇主是否被批准直接付款,并协调任何所需的文件, 其中通常包括第三方提供的代金券. 学生应在每个付款期的7天前支付第三方未支付的学费和电子教材费用.

现金支付计划适用于愿意使用电子支票或信用卡支付学费和电子课程材料的学生.  Payment is due in full one week prior to the start of each payment period.

Understand your rights and responsibilities when considering private loan options. Clear and accurate information can help you make informed choices, 所以你只借你需要的,并能合理偿还.

大学鼓励在考虑私人贷款之前,用尽所有联邦和州的财政援助选项. Private loans are made through third-party lenders and other financial institutions, and are subject to a credit review and individual lender terms and conditions. Private loans are not subsidized or guaranteed by the federal government. For more information on the difference between federal and private loans, please visit the 消费者金融保护局.

没有资格获得联邦财政援助的学生和家长都可以获得私人学生贷款, or who need assistance beyond their financial aid eligibility. 贷款人决定资格, and amounts are limited to the cost of attendance minus other aid, 包括折扣和其他获得的资源.

The 足球外围前十平台 does not endorse a specific lender for private student loans. Therefore, 当申请私人学生贷款时, 学生可以选择任何贷款机构,只要它承认足球外围前十平台是一个合格的机构. Visit Studentaid.ed.gov 来了解更多的区别 联邦和私人贷款 along with options to consider when it comes to paying for college.

Reducing Cost

奖学金和助学金, 以过去的经验和转学分, 你可以选择降低获得学位的成本. 不是每个人都有资格享受这些选项. Please contact a Finance Advisor to see if you qualify, and for any questions you might have.

你知道吗,你可以以不到一半的学分成本获得副学士学位或学士学位的学分? 大学允许你应用相关知识, 通过工作和生活经验获得大学学分 先前学习评估 (PLA)过程.

解放军学分可适用于该大学本科学位课程的下一级和上一级学分要求, 除非政策另有规定或受州或学生住所管辖的限制.

如需协助,请与我们联络 866.440.4707 或电邮至 plac@theacnecentre.com. 学生提交证明文件:传真至任何一方 602.643.0364 or 480.643.1542.


你也许能完成一些选修课, 交叉学科和/或通识教育课程,让你在获得学位的同时节省时间和金钱. 有资格获得解放军学分, you must be an undergraduate student who has already been accepted into 足球外围前十平台. In addition, 你必须向大学提交成绩单, and you must have remaining general education or elective credits required to earn your degree.

递交申请前, 我们建议你与学术顾问联系,讨论PLA是否对你有益,以及如何将学分应用到你的学位课程中.

Note: PLA credits cannot be applied to associate and bachelor’s degree programs in Education.


There is a one-time submission fee and a fee per credit assessed applied to your program. 一次性提交费用为 $150,每学分评估费用为 $75.

PLA fees not eligible will need to be covered by Financial Aid. 您可能有资格获得企业折扣或费用减免. Application to the PLA process does not guarantee credits will be applied, 所以请仔细阅读资质. Speak with an Academic Advisor about whether your experience can qualify for university credit, 以及更多关于解放军整个过程的信息.



  1. Create a 专业培训作品集. This portfolio will include a description of an institutional or corporate training course, 完工日期, 培训时数和其他基本信息, 比如课程描述.
  2. Write an 体验式学习作文 关于一个被认可的话题. 体验式文章必须从已批准的主题列表中选择,并按照科尔布的体验式学习模型进行写作, which shows how knowledge has been gained from concrete experience, reflection, 理论与应用. 回顾体验式学习的文章题目列表和 科尔布的学习模型 了解更多.

Do you have previous expertise or extensive knowledge in a specific subject? Upon completion of a national testing exam and receipt of a passing score, you could potentially earn undergraduate credits toward your degree program. 了解更多关于这些项目的信息, 联系注册代表,检查测试选项,看看你是否有资格参加国家测试计划.


只需少量的费用,本科生就可以参加大学水平考试计划(CLEP). You can earn college-level credit for knowledge you’ve gained outside the classroom. 在34门CLEP考试中取得满意的成绩可以帮助完成本科学位.

Many of our 学校的位置 are authorized testing centers where you can take the 90-minute exam at a computer station.


DSSTTM考试计划学分(原DANTES), 提供38个学科领域, allows you to earn college credit for knowledge you’ve gained through on-the-job training, 职业发展或其他生活经历. You can take these tests, along with the CLEP, at many of our 学校的位置.




精益求精的大学考试 让你有机会参加护理课程的测试, business, 教育——以及艺术和科学.


高中高年级学生可以利用他们在大学先修课程中获得的知识,通过参加大学预修课程来获得某些学科领域的大学学分 大学先修课程考试.


Berlitz offers a variety of language instruction programs and services. 伯利茨语言评估为90分钟,评估考生在口语方面的语言水平, listening, 阅读和写作.

The Office of Admissions determines the amount of credit awarded, 根据官方评估结果. Credits are applicable to the Communication Arts 通识教育 area.

Contact the 凤凰城,亚利桑那州伯利茨语言中心 for detailed instructions, and to arrange taking the Berlitz Language Evaluations.



Active duty military personnel can take standardized language proficiency exams through the 国防语言学院.

PRO TIP: Looking for scholarships, but don’t know where to start? 尝试使用iGrad的奖学金搜索功能. Log in to your student portal and check out the Scholarship section under your Account tab.


大学提供 军事利率 军人和他们的配偶. 事实上,我们的军事部门非常精通 蒙哥马利退伍军人法®, the 9/11后《外围买足球网站》®和其他选项,如 黄丝带计划.

Don’t hesitate to contact a Finance Advisor with any questions you might have.

GI Bill®是美国的注册商标.S. 退伍军人事务部(VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. 政府网站 http://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill.

小贴士:贷款是要连本带利偿还的, and it’s important that you plan for this in your future budget. 一般的指导方针是,你未来的标准月供将是每1美元支付约10美元,你借了000美元.



The 学生贷款行为准则 创建和维护统一的学生贷款实践,关注学生借款人的最佳利益. 它还管理学校员工之间的关系, 学习机构, 贷款顾问委员会成员和学生贷款组织. 我们鼓励学生阅读《外围买足球网站》,以了解有关贷款的规定.

通过电子邮件bet366体育投注 PLL@theacnecentre.com 对这份文件有任何问题.

小贴士:仅仅因为你有资格获得最高贷款额并不一定意味着你应该全部借走. Remember, the more you borrow, the more you have to repay – so borrow only what you need.


看看这些有用且易读的文章,从简单的省钱方法到记录你的消费习惯,你可以通过我们的合作获得更多的财务见解 iGrad.